Become a Credentialed HVAC Contractor

EPA is looking for contractors who want to lead by offering best practice HVAC design and installation. By becoming credentialed to work with ENERGY STAR, contractors gain access to a select group of leading builders and developers that consistently deliver high-quality homes and apartments. Credentialed contractors also earn a valuable tool to stand out from the crowd and market their services. All of this means fewer callbacks and complaints and more premium sales to builders and developers.

Learn how becoming credentialed can help you grow your business — HVAC and ENERGY STAR Certified Homes (PPTM, 16.4 MB)

Credentials are offered by independent, third-party oversight organizations whose programs have been recognized by EPA. Click on a recognized program to find out how to participate:

National Credentialing Programs


Contractor Resources

HVAC Quality Installation Training and Oversight Organizations (H-QUITOs) are the independent, third-party oversight organizations that provide the required training and oversight activities for HVAC contractors. Learn more about becoming an H-QUITO.