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Dollars and Sense: Modeling Cost Savings in ENERGY STAR homes

Last Updated: 03-22-2021

Watch this webinar, presented on September 29, 2016, to gain tips for modeling ENERGY STAR homes cost-effectively and to offer greater cost-savings to your builder clients. Contact the ENERGY STAR team to receive a recorded copy of the webinar.

Audience: Architects & Designers, Home Energy Providers/Raters, Raters
Resource Type: Training/Education, Webinar
Program Area: Affordable Housing, Manufactured/Modular Housing, Multifamily High Rise, Single Family/Low Rise Multifamily
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Fact Sheet - ENERGY STAR Tools and Resources for Affordable Housing

Last Updated: 06-10-2020

This two-page fact sheet highlights ENERGY STAR's tools and resources that can be used by affordable housing stakeholders to improve energy efficiency. Greater energy efficiency helps improve resident comfort, reduce operating costs, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. For more information visit

Audience: Architects & Designers, Builders, Community Developers, Home Energy Providers/Raters, Local Governments, Utilities/Program Sponsors
Resource Type: Outreach/Marketing, Training/Education
Program Area: Affordable Housing, Consumer Marketing, Manufactured/Modular Housing, Multifamily High Rise
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How to Certify ENERGY STAR Modular Homes Technical Bulletin, November 29, 2018

Last Updated: 03-17-2021

ENERGY STAR had long offered two ways to certify modular homes: a plant-certification path and a Rater-verification path. With the introduction of Revision 09, the infrequently used plant-certification was eliminated to reduce potential marketplace confusion. Going forward, all modular homes permitted after January 1, 2019 should be verified using the same Rater-based process and program requirements as site-built homes.

Audience: Home Energy Providers/Raters, Raters
Resource Type: Technical Bulletin, Training/Education
Program Area: Manufactured/Modular Housing