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Raising the Bar: Advancing the Versions of ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction

Last Updated: 09-27-2021

Over the last 10 years, national model energy codes have advanced significantly. Though not adopted in all states, these codes have shown that higher levels of performance are achievable and cost-effective. Even in states where code adoption has lagged, builders’ construction practices have continued to advance. Listen to this session, presented on September 27, 2021, to learn how we intend to raise the bar by incrementing the Single-Family New Homes v3.x and Multifamily New Construction v1.x series of program requirements, moving the industry forward in states with both lagging and leading codes. 

Audience: Architects & Designers, Builders, Community Developers, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractors, Home Appraisers, Home Builder Associations, Home Buyers, Home Energy Providers/Raters, Lenders, Local Governments, Raters, Real Estate Agents, Renters, Utilities/Program Sponsors
Resource Type: Partner Program Requirements, Technical Requirements/Policy Record, Webinar
Program Area: Manufactured/Modular Housing, Multifamily High Rise, Program/Partner Updates, Single Family/Low Rise Multifamily