Preparing for ENERGY STAR Version 3.1 in CT, NY, & TX

Last updated: 09-20-2022
Preparing for ENERGY STAR Version 3.1 in CT NY TX thumbnail

Version 3.1 of the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes National Program Requirements has been developed for homes in states that have adopted the 2012 IECC, or equivalent. The purpose of this new version is to ensure that the ENERGY STAR certified homes program will continue to deliver meaningful savings relative to non-certified homes in states with this more rigorous code. This webinar, presented on June 6, 2017, covers what builders and Raters should know about Version 3.1, applicable to homes permitted on or after October 1, 2017. Contact the ENERGY STAR team to receive a recorded copy of the webinar.

This webinar was hosted to assist partners in the states that first adopted v3.1 of the program requirements, but the information is still applicable for partners in states that have more recently adopted v3.1. It should be noted that after the publication of this webinar, the implementation timeline for Texas was extended from 10/01/2017 to 07/01/2018.