ENERGY STAR MFNC Multifamily Workbook Tutorial

Last updated: 09-20-2022
ES MFNC Multifamily Workbook Tutorial thumbnail

This webinar, presented on June 3, 2020, is geared toward ENERGY STAR stakeholders that have already attended our prior introductory-level webinars about the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction (MFNC) program and are familiar with the overall certification process and program requirements. This webinar provides a guided tour of the Multifamily Workbook. Items discussed include the benefits of the Excel versions of the Rater Design Review Checklist and Rater Field Checklist, automated calculations of the Performance Testing Targets, reporting template for sampled testing results, automated envelope and fenestration compliance checks, and demonstrating how color-coded fields show what is required for ASHRAE and Prescriptive projects at Proposed Design and As-Built Submittals. Contact the ENERGY STAR team to receive a recorded copy of the webinar.

Resource Type: Training/Education, Webinar