Opportunities for Energy Professionals

Energy professionals can fill a number of roles in the testing and verification of buildings going through the ENERGY STAR multifamily high rise program.

Although a Licensed Professional must provide an EPA-recognized MFHR Review Organization (MRO) with the program submittals, energy professionals can conduct some or all of the required testing and verification services on their behalf.

Depending on the needs of the project and your level of expertise, you may be hired for inspections and performance testing or for more involved coordination, design consulting, and/or building energy modeling.

Roles for Energy Professionals

Perform Testing & Verification

Testing and Verification Specialist

Energy professionals can provide testing and verification services for:

  • Air barrier and air sealing inspection
  • Insulation and framing evaluation
  • Inspecting duct installation and duct sealing
  • Measuring ventilation air flow rates
  • Envelope leakage testing and duct leakage testing
  • Trades training
  • Verifying ENERGY STAR/Water Sense Products
Coordinate Verification

Verification Coordinator

Oversee a team of other energy professionals and specialists, and prepare required program documentation for submittal to an EPA-recognized MRO.

Review Plans

Plan Reviewer

Provide plan review services for Developer Partners or Licensed Professionals to ensure all MFHR program requirements are included in construction documents.

Model Building Energy

Building Energy Modeler

The MFHR Performance Path requires energy modeling to simulate whole-building energy usage. Due to the complexity of these buildings, participating in the modeling process may require additional training or more advanced software.

The simulation program must meet the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 - Appendix G, Section G2.2. Although not limited to this list, examples of programs that meet these requirements are DOE-2, eQUEST, TRACE, HAP and EnergyGauge.

Multiple Roles / Energy Consultant

A single person/company can perform multiple or all of the roles described above for the Licensed Professional.

Are you a Home Energy Rater participating in the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program?

Many of the inspection and testing requirements for the MFHR program, such as duct leakage testing, blower door testing and insulation evaluations, are similar to those in the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program. RESNET certified Home Energy Raters or Rating Field Inspectors have many of the necessary skills to be integral members of the team of energy professionals providing testing and verification services for MFHR projects. See the range of possible services listed above or download this tri-fold brochure (PDF, 1.5 MB) to learn more.