Multifamily High Rise Program (New Construction)

EPA extended the transition to ENERGY STAR MFNC by six months, from January 1, 2021 to July 1, 2021. Multifamily projects are eligible to participate in the MFHR program if they have a permit application date before July 1, 2021. Projects that will be certified through the MFHR program must have submitted their MFHR Project Application to a Multifamily Review Organization (MRO) before January 1, 2021.

EPA launched the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction program to serve all multifamily buildings. Visit the MFNC Program Requirements page to learn more. For information on MFHR, see below.

Make a Commitment to Energy-Efficient Multifamily Rise High Buildings

Developers across the nation are constructing or substantially rehabilitating Multifamily High Rise (MFHR) buildings to ENERGY STAR Guidelines, improving building quality and occupant comfort while lowering energy demand and reducing air pollution. Become an ENERGY STAR MFHR Developer Partner and demonstrate your commitment to energy-efficient, quality buildings.

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