Energy Star residential new construction program requirements

Orange, NC at a glance

North Carolina climate zone map by county.


Below are the heating and cooling design temperature limits for the selected state and county. These limits generally must not be exceeded in the HVAC design for a home that will be certified in this location. See the Design Temperature Limit Reference Guide for exceptions and details.

1% Cooling Limit 94°F
99% Heating Limit 20°F


2009 IECC Climate Zone 4
Below is the set of efficiency features modeled to determine the ENERGY STAR HERS Index Target for homes in Climate Zone 4. While the features are not mandatory, if they are not used then other measures will be needed to achieve the target. See National Program Requirements Version 3.1 (PDF, 224 KB) for complete details.
Envelope, Windows, & Doors
Radiant Barrier? n/a
Insulation Install. Quality Grade I
Ceiling Insulation R-49
Wall Insulation R-20 cavity or
R-13 cavity + 5 cont.
Mass Wall Insulation R-8 ext or R-13 int
Floor Insulation R-19
Basement Wall Insulation R-10 cont. or R-13 cavity
Crawlspace Wall Insulation R-10 cont. or R-13 cavity
Slab Insulation R-10; 2 ft
Infiltration Rate 3 ACH50
Windows U-factor: 0.30 / SHGC: 0.40
Door: Opaque U-factor: 0.17 / SHGC: Any
Door: ≤ 1/2 Lite U-factor: 0.25 / SHGC: 0.25
Door: > 1/2 Lite U-factor: 0.30 / SHGC: 0.40
Heating and Cooling Equipment
Gas Furnace 95 AFUE, ENERGY STAR 
Oil Furnace 85 AFUE, ENERGY STAR
Heat Pump 8.5 HSPF / 15 SEER / 12 EER
Air Conditioner 13 SEER
Water Heating Equipment
Efficiency varies by tank size. Common sizes shown below.
Gas Water Heater 40 gal: 0.61 EF; 60 gal: 0.57 EF
Electric Water Heater 40 gal: 0.93 EF; 60 gal: 0.91 EF
Oil Water Heaters 40 gal: 0.53 EF; 60 gal: 0.49 EF
Solar Water Heater n/a
Thermostats & Ductwork
Thermostat Type Programmable
Location of Ducts and
Air Handlers
All within conditioned space
Duct Insulation for Ducts
In Unconditioned Space
Duct Leakage to Outside n/a
Lighting & Appliances
Refrigerators ENERGY STAR
Dishwashers ENERGY STAR
Ceiling Fans ENERGY STAR
Lighting ENERGY STAR light bulbs in 90% of Qualifying Light Fixture Locations


These requirements apply to site-built and modular single family homes, duplexes and townhomes. Low-rise multifamily projects permitted prior to July 1, 2021, may also be certified through this program if they meet the eligibility requirements defined in the program requirements, below.

Program Requirements

Program documents reflect Revision 12. Find details in the Policy Record. Historical documents can be found in the Archives.

Program Requirements

National Program Requirements Version 3.1 (PDF, 224 KB)

Mandatory Measures

Applicable to Track A & B:

National Rater Design Review Checklist (PDF, 281 KB)

National Rater Field Checklist (PDF, 532 KB)

National Water Management System Builder Requirements (PDF, 211 KB)

Only Applicable to Track A – HVAC Grading:

National HVAC Design Supplement (PDF, 358 KB)

Only Applicable to Track B – HVAC Credential:

National HVAC Design Report (PDF, 333 KB)

National HVAC Commissioning Checklist (PDF, 167 KB)


Homes in North Carolina must be certified using the National Program Requirements Version 3.1 (PDF, 224 KB) if permitted on or after 01/01/2023.  For certification requirements prior to this date, view the implementation timeline table.