Energy Star residential new construction program requirements

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These requirements apply to site-built and modular single family homes, duplexes and townhomes. Low-rise multifamily projects permitted prior to July 1, 2021, may also be certified through this program if they meet the eligibility requirements defined in the program requirements, below.

Program Requirements

Program documents reflect Revision 12. Find details in the Policy Record. Historical documents can be found in the Archives.

California Program Requirements Version 3.4 (PDF, 416 KB)

National Rater Design Review Checklist (PDF, 281 KB)

National Rater Field Checklist (PDF, 532 KB)

National HVAC Design Report (PDF, 333 KB)

National HVAC Design Supplement (PDF, 358 KB)

National HVAC Commissioning Checklist (PDF, 167 KB)

National Water Management System Builder Requirements (PDF, 211 KB)


Homes in California must be certified using the California Program Requirements Version 3.4 (PDF, 416 KB) if permitted on or after 01/01/2024.  For certification requirements prior to this date, view the implementation timeline table.