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EPA-recognized laboratories test products according to the test methods referenced in ENERGY STAR specifications. In order for EPA-recognized certification bodies (CBs) to certify a product as ENERGY STAR, the test results for that product must come from an EPA-recognized laboratory. EPA provides recognition to laboratories that are either accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by an EPA-recognized accreditation body (AB) or participate in a CB's witnessed or supervised manufacturers' testing laboratory (W/SMTL) program for the relevant ENERGY STAR test methods. Laboratories may also test products for verification or challenge testing.


  • Test products according to the required test methods in the relevant ENERGY STAR specification.
  • Cooperate with ongoing audits by ABs, CBs, and EPA.
  • Maintain accreditation and keep track of new and revised specifications and test methods.
  • Participate in inter-laboratory comparison testing or proficiency testing, when required.

How Accredited Laboratories Apply for EPA Recognition

  1. Obtain or maintain accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 from an EPA-recognized AB for the relevant ENERGY STAR specifications.
  2. Comply with the Conditions and Criteria for Recognition of Laboratories (PDF, 32 KB) .
  3. Develop separate test procedures for each accredited ENERGY STAR test method.
  4. Complete and sign the  application (PDF, 311 KB) for recognition of laboratories.
  5. Submit scope of accreditation from an EPA-recognized AB and signed application to
  6. To update recognition, submit an updated or new scope of accreditation, and updated application to

First-party laboratories without accreditation should contact an EPA-recognized CB to inquire about enrolling in an W/SMTL program. The steps toward recognition for those programs are similar to the ones listed above.

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