Third-Party Certification

To ensure consumer confidence in the ENERGY STAR label and to protect the investment of ENERGY STAR partners, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all ENERGY STAR products to be third-party certified. Products are tested in an EPA-recognized laboratory and reviewed by an EPA-recognized certification body before they can carry the label.

The resources below serve as the requirements for EPA-recognized certification bodies (CBs).

Other means of formal direction for CBs and other stakeholders include Frequently Asked Questions and correspondence from EPA.

As part of EPA’s activities to maintain the integrity of ENERGY STAR, products that fail to meet ENERGY STAR requirements will be subject to  disqualification procedures (PDF, 182 KB) .

Product Brand Owners who label products as ENERGY STAR without obtaining third-party certification put the integrity of the program at risk and undermine the investment of those who honor their commitment. Companies found to be labeling products without obtaining the necessary certification will be required to remove the label from these products and institute other corrective actions as appropriate.

Additional resources for EPA-recognized Organizations

  • Accreditation bodies provide accreditation for laboratories and certification bodies.
  • Laboratories conduct testing for products seeking ENERGY STAR qualification.
  • Certification bodies verify data and report products that meet the relevant ENERGY STAR specifications to EPA.