Retailer Resources

Retailers can increase sales and customer loyalty by promoting the energy-saving and environmental benefits associated with ENERGY STAR certified products.

Here’s how:

three hands holdingPartner Commitments

In the ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement (PDF, 231 KB), retailers make a number of commitments as outlined in the program requirements, including to stock and promote ENERGY STAR products; to feature ENERGY STAR certified products online and to train sales staff about the value of ENERGY STAR. join


Use our qualifying product lists to specify products that have earned the ENERGY STAR when selecting vendor products.

Measure Impact

Retailers can use the ENERGY STAR Scope 3 Use of Sold Products Analysis Tool V1.2 to benchmark and project corporate Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of sold products. This tool allows retailers to quantify emissions associated with current sales of ENERGY STAR products and forecast reductions in emissions based on increases in sales of ENERGY STAR products. With over 70 categories, this tool can help retailers of any size pinpoint the types and quantities of ENERGY STAR products that will bring them closer to meeting or beating their corporate carbon emission goals.


Use ENERGY STAR training resources ENERGY STAR Training Center logo to enhance sales associate effectiveness.


Use the ENERGY STAR logo, consistent with the ENERGY STAR Identity Guidelines on products, on your website and on promotional materials. ENERGY STAR offers a variety of marketing resources (general and product-specific).


Certify Eligible House Brand Products

To earn the label, products must be independently certified by an EPA-recognized certification body based on testing in an EPA-recognized laboratory. Product brand owner partner commitments apply.

The Best of the BestGet Recognized

Now that you've implemented your ENERGY STAR program, apply for Partner of the Year.

Use ENERGY STAR to Save Energy within Your Organization

Reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint with ENERGY STAR buildings & plants. Get tips on facility energy management, purchasing/procuring ENERGY STAR certified products, and reducing computer energy use with power management and more.