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Product brand owners can increase sales and customer loyalty by promoting the energy–saving and environmental benefits associated with ENERGY STAR.

Partner Commitmentsjoined hands

In signing the ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement, product brand owners make a number of commitments, as outlined in the program requirements for a particular category. Across all categories, the commitments have certain common elements.

Associating the ENERGY STAR Label with Products

As a registered trademark, the ENERGY STAR name and mark have a number of restrictions associated with their use. Program partners are expected to adhere to the Brand Book when using them.

associatedCertifying Products

To earn the ENERGY STAR label, products must be independently certified by an EPA-recognized certification body based on testing in an EPA-recognized laboratory.

Verification Testing of Products

In addition to up-front certification, ENERGY STAR certified products are subject to post-market verification testing administered by certification bodies. Consistent with EPA’s disqualification procedures, product models that fail verification testing are disqualified from using the ENERGY STAR label.

Promoting Your ENERGY STAR Certified Productsflip fridge

The ENERGY STAR Program offers a variety of opportunities to leverage its national platform and educational materials to promote the value of ENERGY STAR certified products among consumers and customers.


people meetingThe ENERGY STAR Training Center is a resource for partners looking to improve their sales effectiveness with tools and information to help your staff, customers, or business partners learn how ENERGY STAR can help them protect the environment while saving energy and money.

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Important Things to Know
How ENERGY STAR Specifications are Developed

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency relies on a systematic process for developing ENERGY STAR specifications that prioritizes transparency, inclusiveness, and consistency. Decisions regarding ENERGY STAR specifications are made by EPA with the benefit of stakeholder input consistent with the ENERGY STAR Strategic Vision and Guiding Principles Document (PDF, 147 KB) such that the ENERGY STAR label identifies products that meet the highest energy conservation standards.