ENERGY STAR International Partners

International Partnership imageEPA collaborates with stakeholders worldwide to advance product efficiency globally through international harmonization efforts. This collaboration includes harmonizing product energy efficiency metrics and applicable test methods, sharing the ENERGY STAR programs expansive datasets as well as partnering with select countries to administer the ENERGY STAR labeling program in their markets.

Many countries and global stakeholders refer to ENERGY STAR testing protocols, definitions, and efficiency levels, in their procurement requirements. While companies are encouraged to provide efficient products that meet the ENERGY STAR levels for those markets, the use of the ENERGY STAR mark is limited to those models sold in the US or one of the partner countries administering the ENERGY STAR labeling program. The following countries are currently administering the ENERGY STAR program for select product categories, including specifying requirements for labeling and overseeing use of the mark in their regions:


Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is implementing ENERGY STAR in Canada for nearly the entire portfolio of products, including office equipment, consumer electronics, heating and cooling equipment, home appliances, lighting and signage, commercial solid door refrigerators and freezers, and windows, doors, and skylights. Storm windows are not covered by the NRCan ENERGY STAR program. For all categories except windows, companies are required to certify ENERGY STAR models for the Canadian market using the US EPA system.

Contact: Ms. Dianna Miller,


P2 company is implementing ENERGY STAR on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry for office equipment, including computers, displays, imaging equipment and computer servers. Companies are required to register their ENERGY STAR qualified models for the Japanese market directly with Japan.

Contact: Mr. Masahide Ota, and Ms. Junko Narita,


The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is currently implementing ENERGY STAR for computers and imaging equipment. Models eligible for the Swiss program are limited to those certified through the US and also available in the US and/or Canada.

Contact: Ms. Mihaela Grigorie,


Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan is currently implementing ENERGY STAR for office equipment, including computers, displays and imaging equipment. Models eligible for the Taiwan program are limited to those certified through the US and also available in the US and/or Canada.

Contact: Hong-Shin Lin, and Mr. Chengting Lin,

Note that in the past, EPA has had agreements with other countries including the European Union (EU), European Free Trade Association (EFTA), which includes Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway, New Zealand and Australia. Product models sold in these countries, along with all other non-partner countries, may not use the ENERGY STAR mark on the product, packaging, or website unless it is being applied for purposes of promoting a model also certified as ENERGY STAR for the US and/or Canadian market. Questions about ENERGY STAR partnering or labelling outside the US may be directed to Kathleen Vokes,