2018-2019 Room Air Conditioners with Efficient Variable Output

The ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award (ETA) is given to innovative technologies that meet rigorous performance criteria to reduce energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pleased to recognize Room Air Conditioner Products with Efficient Variable Output (EVO) for the ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award for 2018-2019.

Products that meet the performance criteria (PDF, 98 KB) will be listed on the Qualified Product List once it is determined that all Award criteria have been satisfied. Manufacturers can submit documentation for eligible EVO-Capable Room Air Conditioner products to EmergingTech@energystar.gov.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award-Winning Systems:

In a conventional room air conditioner, the compressor works either at maximum capacity when the room thermostat calls for cooling or off when the desired temperature has been achieved, typically alternating frequently between full on and off. Room air conditioners with efficient variable output are able to vary the speed of the internal compressor motor in order to continuously control the temperature. As a result, the capability for efficient variable output allows a room air conditioner to more quietly regulate the temperature and save a significant amount of energy during operation.

Winning Products Must Demonstrate That They:

  1. Use efficient variable output to control the speed and operation of the compressor
  2. Outperform the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Federal Minimum Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio by:
    • At least 35% for models with a capacity ≥ 14,000 BTU/hour
    • At least 25% for models with a capacity < 14,000 BTU/hour
  3. Capable of operating at noise levels below 45 decibels (dBA)
  4. Are approved for use and available for sale in the U.S. market

2018 ETA Award: LG

EPA presents the 2018-2019 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award for Room Air Conditioners with Efficient Variable Output to LG Electronics, Inc. at the LG North American Headquarters.