2013 Emerging Technology Award: Advanced Clothes Dryers

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is recognizing Advanced Clothes Dryers with the Emerging Technology Award in 2013. Advanced clothes dryers present a significant savings opportunity compared to other appliance categories where cost-effective energy efficiency gains have largely been realized. Grace LCD DV457

Dryers are now one of the largest energy using appliances in the home, using significantly more than refrigerators, for example. Typically, dryers consume over 900 kWh/year, while a typical refrigerator uses just 455 kWh/year. Electric dryers are most common in the US, and are used in 80% of homes. Nationally, there are 6.5 million dryers sold, indicating that there is significant opportunity for energy savings.

EPA designed this award to drive technological innovation in the dryer category by bringing significant energy savings to consumers without major convenience tradeoffs. The award requirements are "technology neutral" meaning that any electric technology could qualify including: conventional dryers; heat pump dryers and; condensing dryers. Some of the benefits of a dryer that meets EPA's criteria are:

  • Energy savings of 32% or more,
  • Savings of $30 per year and $470 over the service life of the dryer
  • Total savings of more than 4,000 kwh over the service life of the dryer
  • At least 2 types of advanced moisture sensors that terminate the dryer load at the right time
  • Separate heat settings, with energy savings in both settings, but in the maximum savings mode drying times are less than 75 minutes.

Systems that meet the performance criteria for advanced clothes dryers will be listed on this webpage once it is determined that all Award criteria have been satisfied.

2013 Emerging Technology Award-Winning Advanced Clothes Dryers

EPA estimates that an ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award winning clothes dryer could:
  • Save enough energy in a year to run an ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer for 11 months.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 6,000 pounds.

EPA Emerging Tech Award

On June 12, 2013, EPA presented the Samsung DV457 clothes dryer with the Emerging Technology Award. The dryer is sold with Samsung's ENERGY STAR certified WF457 clothes washer, which has been recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient in 2013.

An additional feature of the DV457 dryer is a Smart Control system, which allows consumers to monitor cycle selections, remaining cycle time, and finishing alerts remotely. The dryer also uses a Smart Care system that allows a consumer to perform a quick diagnosis and get access to troubleshooting options on a smartphone.

More Information: The dryer is in production right now and will be widely available at retailers starting in July 2013. Electric utilities and efficiency program sponsors are also interested in promoting this award winning dryer through their efficiency programs, and it is expected that rebates will be available in some areas in early 2014.

Advanced Clothes Dryers Development