2019 ENERGY STAR Products Partner Meeting Presentations

2019 ESPPM

The 2019 ENERGY STAR Products Partner Meeting was held Tuesday, September 10 – Thursday, September 12, 2019, at The Westin Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would like to thank all the partners and industry stakeholders who attended, presented, and helped make the meeting productive and insightful.

The 2019 ESPPM Agenda and Agenda Companion provide details on the topics covered. Please click on the following headings to find presentations by day, or scroll down to browse all available documents.

1. Tuesday, September 10

"Fitted for the Future: A Discussion on Emerging Technologies" was by invitation only for utilities/energy efficiency program sponsors. This session covered multiple emerging technologies that have or will deliver advancements in efficiency, with a focus on categories where reaching the next level of savings has been challenging. For more information, please contact Rosemarie Stephens-Booker, EPA, at Stephens-Booker.Rosemarie@epa.gov or Steve Leybourn at Steve.Leybourn@icf.com.

Presentations from the ENERGY STAR Connected Water Heaters Specification Stakeholder Meeting and other materials related to the specification revision process can be found using the link above. Partners and other interested parties with questions or concerns can contact Abigail Daken, EPA, at Daken.Abigail@epa.gov or Waterheaters@energystar.gov.

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2. Wednesday, September 11

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3. Thursday, September 12

2019 ESPPM Co-Sponsors

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