Tools for benchmarking energy management practices

Benchmarking is key activity for continuous improvement and a key element of the ENERGY STAR program.

Use the following spreadsheet based tools for self evaluation of energy management practices to identify gaps and areas for improvement. These assessment matrix, also called maturity models, are based on best practices observed from ENERGY STAR partners.

Benchmark with other companiesENERGY STAR Partners 2019 Meeting

The ENERGY STAR industrial partner network offers the opportunity to benchmarking your energy management practices with other companies through periodic events, the annual partner meeting, and one-on-one engagements. 

Learn more about the ENERGY STAR Industrial Partnership

Additional Resources

The ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management provides examples from other companies that you can use to compare your practices. 

ENERGY STAR success stories in industrial energy management and the Partner of the Year profiles in leadership are other ways to learn what leading companies are doing and how they have achieved a superior level of energy management.