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Who’s Hosted an Industrial Showcase pages feature companies that have opened their ENERGY STAR certified plants and Challenge Achiever sites to the community, local and government officials, energy utility representatives and key business stakeholders.

< class="pane__title">CEMEX INDUSTRIAL SHOWCASE

CEMEX Showcase Activities


Attendees included CEMEX and EPA personnel, representatives from the local utility and congregation, and local governments officials

CEMEX Congratulations Speaker

"This is the type of initiative that fits perfectly with the CEMEX sustainability agenda. With this initiative, we are creating value for our shareholders by reducing our energy bills, but at the same time, we are contributing to the betterment of our communities and society through reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using fewer resources.”

- Ignacio Madridejos, USA President, CEMEX

A flyer from the CEMEX Industrial Showcase

A flyer from the CEMEX Industrial Showcase

CEMEX Hockley

CEMEX Hockley Ready-Mix Plant Tour

CEMEX Hockley Group

CEMEX and EPA personnel at the Hockley Plant

CEMEX Banner

CEMEX banner displaying ENERGY STAR achievements