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Who’s Hosted an Industrial Showcase pages feature companies that have opened their ENERGY STAR certified plants and Challenge Achiever sites to the community, local and government officials, energy utility representatives and key business stakeholders.

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CalPortland Introduction

CalPortland Speaker CEO

“CalPortland is a proud ENERGY STAR corporate partner, with a variety of ENERGY STAR Certified plants, and Industrial Challenge plant achievers. Our partnership with ENERGY STAR has helped us achieve many energy efficiency successes, which have led to those certified plants, and Industrial Challenge Achievers. The CalPortland energy management team views the opportunity to host an Industrial Showcase as a positive impact on the community by sharing our best practices, and it is a positive impact on how the local community can view the facility.”

- Allen Hamblen, CEO, CalPortland Company

CalPortland Speaker

“The local plant personnel were able to see the ENERGY STAR certification achievement in a direct fashion, having our CEO speaking at the event with employees and the community watching creates great awareness of the CalPortland Energy Management program, as well as awareness of the importance of ENERGY STAR to our company and our country.”

- William Jerald, CEM, Chief Energy Engineer, CalPortland Company

CalPortland Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting Celebration. Allen Hamblen, CalPortland; Karen P. Butler, US EPA; Steve Coppinger, CalPortland; Bill Jerald, CalPortland

CalPortland Tour Kids

CalPortland Rillito Plant Tour

CalPortland Showcase

Energy Fair at CalPortland's Industrial Showcase

CalPortland Invitation

CalPortland Showcase Flyer

CalPortland Showcase Outside

CalPortland Industrial Showcase