Industrial training videos

EPA offers high quality on-demand training videos on timely industrial energy management topics.   Drawing on the best practices of leading ENERGY STAR partners, these videos feature proven strategies. 

Managing Energy Strategically with ENERGY STAR

Managing energy strategically helps your company save money and improve its sustainability. This video series explores the key steps for building a better energy program and features interviews from leading industrial energy managers.


Managing Energy Strategically with ENERGY STAR: Get Started
(3:5 mins)

Benefits of an energy program
(7 mins)

Gaining senior management commitment (4 mins)

Building Your Corporate Energy Team (4 mins)

Building Your Facility Level Energy Team (4 mins)

Evaluate Your Energy Management Practices (4:15 mins)

Recognition as an Energy Management Tool (5:35 mins)

Taking the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry 

The ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry is a global call-to-action for industrial sites to reduce their energy intensity by 10 percent within 5 years.
Any industrial site can participate and those that achieve the goal will earn EPA recognition while also strengthening their own energy management practices. 

ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry:
Save Energy, Earn Recognition
(3:44 mins)

 Organizing and implementing an Energy Treasure Hunt

Energy Treasure Hunts are a great way to find no and low cost energy saving opportunities. Many ENERGY STAR partner companies also use Energy Treasure Hunts to build stronger facility energy teams. 

Part 1

Introduction: Overview and Principles
(8 mins)

Part 2

Preparation: Engaging Leadership and Building Teams 
(8 mins)

Part 3

Preparation: Collecting Data and Selecting Calculation Tools
(8 mins)

Part 4

The Event: Pre-training, Hunting and Follow-up
(10 mins)

Hunting for Energy Treasure at Honda

Energy Treasure Hunts are a best practice for finding energy savings opportunities and engaging employees. These instructional videos of Energy Treasure Hunt at a Honda manufacturing plant review the objectives and key steps in executing a successful Energy Treasure Hunt.

Part 1

Objectives, Expectations, and Results (4 mins)

Part 2

Preparation & Forming Teams 
(3 mins)

Part 3

Kicking off the Hunt
(3 mins)

Part 4

Off-Hours Hunting
(3 mins)

Part 5

Operating Hours Hunting & Report-Out
(5 mins)

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