ENERGY STAR Focus on Energy Efficiency in Distilled Spirits Production

Distillery and barrelsThe ENERGY STAR Industrial Focus on Distilled Spirit Production offers distilleries the opportunity to benchmark their energy efficiency, learn best practices around energy management, and learn how their peers are saving energy and reducing emissions. 

Distillers can get started on a path of saving energy by using the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management to build an energy management program, and then work within the ENERGY STAR Distillery Focus to learn best practices from the industry.  If you are a distillery who wants to get involved in your industry’s efforts to save energy, contact

Energy Performance Indicator for Distilleries

ENERGY STAR Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) assess the energy performance of plant's relative to similar plants in the U.S. EPIs and provide a 1 - 100 ENERGY STAR score for a quick understanding of how the plant is performing.

Use the Distillery Energy Performance Indicator to benchmark your distillery's energy performance and see if it is eligible for ENERGY STAR plant certification. 

Read the technical documentation to learn how the EPI was developed and how ENERGY STAR scores for distilleries are calculated.

To learn more about how EPIs are developed, how to interpret an EPI score, and how to value benchmarking view the Benchmarking Industrial Energy Performance guide.

ENERGY STAR Certification for Distilleries

Distilleries that receive a score of 75 or higher on the EPI are eligible to earn ENERGY STAR certification. To learn more about ENERGY STAR certification for manufacturing plants visit the ENERGY STAR certification for industrial plants.

Read about the first set of distilleries to earn ENERGY STAR certification in an EPA press release.

Energy Guide for Distilleries

The ENERGY STAR Distillery Guide contains nearly 180 ways to reduce energy use and greenhouse gases in distilleries. Access the guide and learn tips for integrating the guide into existing best practices here:

What does the Distilled Spirits Focus offer?

EPA works with individual manufacturing sectors through ENERGY STAR to improve energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR industrial focuses provide a non-competitive environment for EPA and industry energy managers to work together to build unique and helpful energy management tools for the industry. Participating companies could access:

Management Tools

  • A plant energy performance indicator (EPI) that scores a distillery’s energy performance between 1-100 nationally based on key plant operating conditions (e.g., energy usage, production, etc.). 

EPA Recognition

  • Distilleries that score a 75 or above using their ENERGY STAR EPI will be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.
  • Distilleries that improve their energy intensity by 10% or more within five years are eligible for ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry recognition.


  • An energy professional to help industry energy managers build energy management programs, share non-proprietary management approaches, and answer questions regarding energy management.
  • An annual industry forum where energy managers can openly discuss best energy management practices and non-confidential issues confronting their energy management programs.


  • Periodic webinars to exchange energy management tips, provide updates, and obtain feedback as tools are developed.

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