Build an energy management culture

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) produces tape and packaging materials at medium-sized manufacturing plants primarily located in the US and Canada. The IPG energy program began at its largest plant, also one of the first sites to achieve the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry. IPG wanted to develop and expand its energy program to the rest of its facilities. To do this, IPG designated the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry as a cornerstone of its corporate energy management program. All of the IPG’s US plants have taken the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, giving the plants and their energy coordinators a goal that, if achieved, will yield significant environmental improvements and cost reductions. Several manufacturing plants have gone on to achieve the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry and are on their way to meeting their second set of ENERGY STAR Challenge goals. This has resulted in significant recognition for each plant, which has helped build employee morale and engagement in the energy management program. “The ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry has been a significant contributor to building a culture of energy efficiency at IPG,” said Mike Jones, IPG Corporate Energy Manager.

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IPG’s achiever sites have an average of 23.9% reduction in energy intensity.