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Has your company received ENERGY STAR plant certification or achieved Challenge for Industry recognition? If so, consider hosting an ENERGY STAR Industrial Showcase event at your facility and share the environmental benefits of energy efficiency with employees, the community and key stakeholders. Be creative and join the celebration!


What is an ENERGY STAR Industrial Showcase?

The Industrial Showcase is an event hosted at your facility to celebrate your ENERGY STAR achievements and share the environmental benefits with employees, the community and key stakeholders. All companies with ENERGY STAR certified plants or ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry achievers are invited to host a Showcase and be featured on the website.
Eligible facilities must have received recognition in the current or previous two years. Hosting a Showcase is strictly voluntary. 

What are the benefits of hosting a Showcase event? 

This event provides an opportunity for your company to celebrate and talk about the great work you are doing to save energy.

  • Enhance your reputation by showcasing the energy efficiency accomplishments at your facility.
  • Share innovative energy management practices and show how ENERGY STAR helped your business gained positive recognition.
  • Build morale and pride among employees by recognizing their contributions.
  • Create interest in your business for new talent, suppliers, local dignitaries, professional associations, and the media.

Host a Showcase at your facility and join the celebration!

Get Started

  • Select a date for your Showcase event.
  • Sign up to host an ENERGY STAR Industrial Showcase event, and set up registration.
  • Decide who you will invite. Include schools, local & state organizations, elected officials, professional associations, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders in your community.
  • Promote your event. Use social media, press releases, email, and personal outreach. Use the communications resources listed on the right.


  • Sign up NOW to host an Industrial Showcase event!
  • Submit an application for Challenge Achiever Sites upon meeting the energy reduction goal.
  • November 2017: Applications for 2017 ENERGY STAR certified plants due to EPA.