Communication tools to promote energy efficiency

ENERGY STAR has ready-to-use resources to promote energy efficiency.

Co-branded workplace posters

Use these to promote energy-efficient best practices within the workplace and build an energy efficiency culture.

The ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry

Take the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry to create momentum for energy management in your organization and use its tools to advance energy efficiency.

Bring Your Green to Work

Bring Your Green to Work animated tool helps you train your employees to find ways to save energy in a sample manufacturing plant.

Host your own competition

Host your own ENERGY STAR energy savings competition within your company using ENERGY STAR Battle of the Buildings Activity Kits.

Examples from ENERGY STAR partners

See how ENERGY STAR industrial partners drive energy efficiency forward in their companies.

ENERGY STAR partner mark

ENERGY STAR partner logo

ENERGY STAR partners can identify their energy programs with the well recognized ENERGY STAR partner mark. Become a partner today!