Nevada ENERGY STAR Partners

North Las Vegas, Nevada

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - ENERGY STAR Promotion

Nevada ENERGY STAR Partners

The Nevada ENERGY STAR Partners is a unique coalition of local homebuilders, home energy raters, utilities, building industry suppliers, and local press. This is the fifth time this partner coalition has received ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence recognition. The award honors their outstanding commitment to and success in promoting ENERGY STAR qualified new homes in the greater Las Vegas market. Key accomplishments of the Nevada ENERGY STAR Partners include:

         Increasing consumer awareness of the ENERGY STAR brand in the Las Vegas market to 90%.

         Marketing a 3-month awareness-building campaign stressing the importance of energy efficiency as the first step to "going green" with the theme "ENERGY STAR--Your Green Foundation."

         Recruiting nearly 35 partners to actively participate in the 2008 campaign and continuing to strengthen the value of the partnership, despite a significant downturn in the Nevada housing market.

         Leveraging long-term relationships with local newspapers and radio stations to generate campaign sponsorships of more than $100,000.   

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