National Grid

Waltham, Massachusetts

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Energy Efficiency Program Delivery

National Grid

National Grid is an energy delivery company serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island. This is first time National Grid has received ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence recognition. The award honors its long-standing commitment to energy efficiency demonstrated across a wide range of programs, including ENERGY STAR New Home Construction, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR for home retrofits, and the Whole Building Assessment Initiative for commercial building upgrades. Key accomplishments of this company include:

         Saving 67 Btu of energy through its Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program in 2008, a 27-percent increase since 2007, and providing comprehensive whole-house retrofits to more than 6,500 homeowners.

         Benchmarking buildings as a key element of more than 80 comprehensive building energy studies completed through the Whole Building Assessment Initiative since 2007, for an estimated energy savings of nearly 3 million kWh.

         Engaging millions of consumers through education and outreach highlighting the value of the ENERGY STAR label as a guide to saving energy and money, and as an important step in the fight against global warming.

         Securing almost 14 million media impressions through online, television, and radio placements.

         Moving more than 1.6 million ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products and nearly 8,000 ENERGY STAR appliances through cooperative promotions with retailers; training approximately 6,000 sales associates; and placing over 75,000 point of sale materials at retail.

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