Actus Lend Lease

Nashville, Tennessee

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - ENERGY STAR Promotion

Actus Lend Lease

Actus Lend Lease, one of the nation's leaders in privatized military housing, creates master planned, sustainable, and mixed-use communities throughout the country. Actus Lend Lease is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its commitment to ensuring that all 40,000 homes in its military housing portfolio are as sustainable as possible and encouraging residents to incorporate ENERGY STAR into their daily lives. Key achievements include:

         Building 100% of its new homes ENERGY STAR.

         Partnering with DOE to launch ENERGY STAR OPERATION CHANGE OUT - THE MILITARY CHALLENGE at U.S. military installations, with an Earth Day 2008 event at Camp Lejeune, NC where Actus changed out light bulbs in 5,000 housing units.

         Garnering community pledges to replace nearly 400,000 incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs; over 230,000 have been changed out to date.

         Developing the Fort Drum Community, the largest community of ENERGY STAR qualified homes in New York.

         Featuring its ENERGY STAR homes and large-scale communities on local news stations, regional newspapers, and national broadcasting stations.

         Educating its residents and community stakeholders about ENERGY STAR through its Saving Your Nation's enERGY (SYNERGY) incentive-based programs.

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