Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Rancho Dominguez, California

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - Product Labeling

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

From its inception as a small export business in Korea, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that span advanced technology, semiconductors, medicine, finance, and more. Samsung Electronics, a global leader in high-tech electronics and digital media, is also a leader in delivering energy-efficient products to consumers. Samsung is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for significantly expanding its offerings of ENERGY STAR qualified products. The company's 2008 accomplishments include:

         Offering ENERGY STAR qualified products in more than a dozen product categories for a total of more than 600 qualified models.

         Highlighting the energy saving potential of ENERGY STAR qualified products in all qualified product press releases.

         Qualifying 100% of Samsung's LCD/DLP TV and printer lines.

         Displaying the ENERGY STAR prominently on products, packaging, Web pages, specification sheets, and brochures.

         Placing advertisements featuring ENERGY STAR in The Washington Post, reaching more than 10 million readers.

         Partnering with retailers to market ENERGY STAR offerings and educate consumers.

         Creating an integrated Eco-Management Group dedicated to training on ENERGY STAR features and efficient product development.

         Creating an internal culture of energy savings, and requiring that employees turn off their monitors when away from their computers, turn off all equipment at the end of the day, and drink from reusable mugs.

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