Ford Motor Company

Dearborn, Michigan

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Energy Management

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is a recognized leader in the global automobile industry, manufacturing and distributing vehicles across six continents. The company is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for continuing to expand energy management by replicating successful best practices, including many areas not extensively addressed by manufacturers. This is the second time Ford has received ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence recognition. Key accomplishments include:

         Improving energy efficiency by 4.4% and saving $15.5 million in 2008, despite weakened consumer demand for automobiles; this improvement essentially offset the effect of increased energy prices and brought the companys total energy efficiency gains to 34% since 2000.

         Expanding the coverage and reach of its energy management system to include manufacturing, corporate, data centers, warehousing, key suppliers, and research and development.

         Employing the company's Utility Metering and Monitoring System to track electricity and natural gas consumption for all plants and minimize energy use during extended production down periods.

         Focusing on core business by creating efficiencies in production, including a new method of preparing bare sheet metal for prime coatings, replicating the 3-wet painting process, and the Fumes-to-Fuel abatement system, all of which reduced the cost of manufacturing motor vehicles.

         Rolling out the Ford ENERGY STAR Challenge with a goal of improving energy efficiency in its Research and Engineering Center by 10%; teams achieved 3.9% of the goal in 2008.

         Increasing the frequency of plant energy assessments and utilizing EPA's energy performance indicator for Motor Vehicle Manufacturing on a monthly basis to make decisions about plant improvements.

  • Extending energy programs to operations in Canada, Mexico, Asia Pacific, and South America.
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