Winton/Flair Custom Homes

El Paso, Texas

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - New Home Builder and Affordable Housing

Winton/Flair Custom Homes

Winton/Flair Custom Homes is a custom home builder in El Paso, TX, and southern New Mexico, building 100% of its homes ENERGY STAR. A partner since 2004, this is the first time Winton/Flair has received ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence recognition for making significant contributions to the growth of ENERGY STAR qualified homes in its region. Key accomplishments of this company include:

         Expanding into the affordable housing market with a new building company, ACCENT Homes, which experienced sales growth in 2008.

         Raising consumer awareness of the ENERGY STAR program by holding ENERGY STAR Treasure Tours of Homes, attracting more than 4,000 people.

         Displaying the ENERGY STAR logo extensively on road signs, company vehicles, letterhead, the company Web site, as well as in magazines, flyers, city bus ads, shopping center kiosks, and sales contracts.

         Educating nearly 600 realtors and in-house sales agents on the ENERGY STAR program through regular sales meetings and realtor training sessions.

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