Best Buy Co., Inc.

Richfield, Minnesota

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - Electronics and Appliance Retail

Best Buy Co., Inc.

A multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products and services, Best Buy Co., Inc. has demonstrated the company's commitment to becoming a leader in ENERGY STAR qualified electronics, which now make up the bulk of its 40 billion in annual sales revenue. Key achievements earning Best Buy this award include:

         Integrating ENERGY STAR into its Greener Together strategy through planning, sales associate training, and consumer outreachparticularly online.

         Working with vendors to make ENERGY STAR central to environmental improvements across the spectrum of consumer electronics and appliance products.

         Making 100% of Best Buy's Insignia exclusive-brand TVs ENERGY STAR qualified, along with 62% of its branded TV assortment.

         Reaching an estimated 35 million consumers in a single year through a number of signing efforts, including ENERGY STAR signage on 1,000 store entrance doors and sign rails and product certification clings for appliances.

         Featuring ENERGY STAR an average of twice per week in every weekly Sunday insert, including a fully-dedicated ENERGY STAR page over two weeks that reached 48 million people.

         Expanding training among sales associates through rigorous, ongoing employee training programs and internal communications channels, as well as adding modules for home theatre, mobile, and computer products.

         Promoting ENERGY STAR online in its Home Office, Home Theatre, and Appliances Web pages, as well as on its green page.

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