Satco Products, Inc featuring Nuvo Lighting

Brentwood, New York

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Product Brand Owner

Satco Products, Inc featuring Nuvo Lighting

Founded in 1966, family-owned and operated Satco Products, Inc. featuring Nuvo Lighting is a premier supplier of lighting products. In 2008, the company reached new heights in its commitment to ENERGY STAR with qualified CFLs and Nuvo Lighting fixtures. Satco Products also played an active role at many environmentally focused events around the country. For these efforts, Satco Products, Inc. is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for the first time. Key accomplishments include:

         Greatly expanding its selection of decorative ENERGY STAR qualified Nuvo Lighting fixtures.

         Sponsoring the Green Levittown campaign, and helping to convert Americas first suburb into Americas most energy-efficient suburb.

         Training the Green Levittown campaign outreach staff about ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products. Campaign staff went door-to-door to 17,000 households to spread the word about ENERGY STAR qualified lighting.

         Donating 20,000 specially packaged CFLs to the Green Levittown campaign.

         Developing innovative ENERGY STAR labeled fixture displays for lighting showrooms and electrical distributors.

         Educating internal sales staff and retail showroom customers about the benefits of energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR.

         Engaging lighting showrooms and home builder associations to train home builders and lighting designers about the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products.

         Sponsoring an Earth Day-themed newspaper supplement distributed in Long Island, NY, about ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products, with a reach of 3 million readers.

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