Food Lion, LLC

Salisbury, North Carolina

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Energy Management

Food Lion, LLC

Food Lion, LLC is a leading regional supermarket chain with more than 1,300 stores in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Food Lion is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its exceptional success in integrating energy efficiency and environmental protection as key strategies in the company's management approach. This is the sixth time Food Lion has received ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence recognition, having received this award every year since 2004. Key accomplishments include:

         Improving energy efficiency by almost 30% since 2000, despite an increase in the total number of stores.

         Earning the ENERGY STAR for an unprecedented 800 stores, making Food Lion the owner of the largest number of ENERGY STAR qualified facilities.

         Saving more than $1.1 million and 45 billion Btu across its portfolio in 2008 alone.

         Decreasing energy consumption by 4% in 2008 across 500 stores that participated in demand control and peak load reduction programs.

         Developing user-friendly monthly reports that detail each stores energy use and capital costs to help employees identify and audit stores that consume high amounts of energy.

         Initiating an energy mentoring program with affiliated chains to promote energy management best practices.

         Communicating its commitment to energy management and environmental protection to customers and employees by displaying stickers on the doors of every store promoting the company's partnership with ENERGY STAR and EPA's Green Chill program.

         Reducing the price of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs during October to celebrate Energy Awareness Month.

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