Sunoco, Inc.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Energy Management

Sunoco, Inc.

Sunoco, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of petroleum and petrochemical products as well as high-quality metallurgical-grade coke for the steel industry. The company has embraced the philosophy that corporations have a responsibility for the environment and must conduct all aspects of their business as responsible stewards. Sunoco is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment in its comprehensive focus on energy management across its operations. This is the first time Sunoco has received ENERGY STAR recognition. Key accomplishments include:

         Improving energy use intensity by 4% in 2008 across petroleum-refining operations, which represents 3/4 of the company's energy use.

         Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 8.5% since 1998.

         Creating an internal plant energy assessment process that has identified nearly 300 capital and 140 non-capital projects in the company's refining business alone.

         Participating in the ENERGY STAR Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Manufacturing Focuses as well as sharing its program successes with the pulp and paper and glass industries.

         Communicating the value of energy efficiency and ENERGY STAR to its employees and communities through targeted company publications.

         Managing energy use across all operations: petroleum refining, petrochemical production, coking, marketing/retail, and professional services.

         Considering energy efficiency in future facility expansions and upgrades.

         Evaluating the energy efficiency of the company's administrative buildings using Portfolio Manager and making energy efficiency a major consideration when leasing new office space.

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