PECO Energy Company

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Energy Efficiency Program Delivery

PECO Energy Company
PECO Energy Company (PECO) is Pennsylvania's largest utility, serving 1.6 million electricity and 491,000 gas customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. In the enviable position of having highly successful programs in the first two years of its program cycle and in danger of program oversubscription, PECO repositioned its portfolio to achieve higher kWh per unit while continuing to keep the ENERGY STAR message front and center. PECO is receiving ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year recognition for distinguishing itself with thoughtful program planning and implementation. Key 2012 accomplishments include:

  • Redesigning its Smart Homes Rebate program to focus on refrigerators and clothes washers recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2012 and updating all marketing, point of purchase, and educational materials with the marketing designation.
  • Emphasizing ENERGY STAR certified specialty bulbs and new LED technologies to encourage customers to take the next step in lighting efficiency and prepare for market changes from implementation of federal lighting standards (Energy Independence and Security Act 2007).
  • Influencing the purchase of more than 190,000 ENERGY STAR certified lighting products and 11,000 ENERGY STAR certified appliances and heating and cooling equipment in 2012, for a total of more than 7.8 million certified products since program inception.
  • Educating retailers, contractors, and customers about ENERGY STAR and its energy efficiency programs. Field staff members conducted nearly 300 store visits and more than 90 education events during 2012.
  • Continuing its work with retail chains and independent retailers to offer CFL recycling programs making it easier for residents in rural and downtown urban areas to recycle CFLs.
  • Helping its customers achieve savings of more than 8,000 MWh in 2012 for total savings in excess of 428,000 MWh since program inception.

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