Kenton County School District

Ft. Wright, Kentucky

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Energy Management

Kenton County School District

Kenton County School District (KCSD) has made great strides in energy efficiency through committing to ongoing energy management, investing in energy-efficient new construction, involving students in energy efficiency initiatives, and adopting new technology. As a result of the good example set by the district, school districts from across Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and North Carolina have modeled their energy programs after KCSD and have adopted the districts E=WISE2 student program. KCSD, which educates more than 14,000 students across 1.7 million square feet, is receiving ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year recognition for its significant commitment to building and operating energy-efficient schools and for using ENERGY STAR tools and resources as a central component of its energy program. Key 2012 accomplishments include:

  • Benchmarking district facilities in Portfolio Manager, EPAs ENERGY STAR measurement and tracking tool, and improving energy efficiency by 30 percent compared to its baseline year.
  • Earning recognition as an ENERGY STAR Top Performer in 2012 and as an ENERGY STAR Leader in 2009 and 2010. 
  • Increasing the districts average ENERGY STAR energy performance score by 9 points.
  • Earning ENERGY STAR certification for 10 schools in the district. 
  • Promoting the districts participation with the ENERGY STAR program on the districts website, in presentations, at luncheons, and in published materials.
  • Having a student Energy Team in every school.

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