Burton Energy Group

Alpharetta, Georgia

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Service and Product Provider

Burton Energy Group

Burton Energy Group, recently honored by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, provides energy management services for commercial businesses with multi-site, geographically diverse facilities. Burton Energy Group is receiving ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year recognition for creating and managing client energy plans that improve energy efficiency and environmental performance, mitigate price risk, stabilize utility budgets, and lower overall energy operating costs. The companys dozens of clients in retail, hospitality, restaurant services, and distribution rely on Burton Energy Group to share best-practice ideas. It also shares industry-leading tools and processes with clients to optimize their energy performance and costs while reducing the environmental impact of operating buildings. Key 2012 accomplishments include: 

  • Benchmarking and providing monthly updates on more than 1,700 facilities using Portfolio Manager. 
  • Successfully earning ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy performance for more than 400 client buildings. 
  • Achieving a more than 10-point increase in the ENERGY STAR energy performance score of more than 50 client buildings.
  • Promoting and communicating the value of the ENERGY STAR program in marketing materials, as well as on Burton Energy Groups website and blog.

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