Milford Housing Development Corporation

Milford, Delaware

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - Affordable Housing

Milford Housing Development Corporation

Milford Affordable Housing Development (MAHD) is a nonprofit developer of affordable housing in Delaware with a mission to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing solutions to people of modest means. MAHD is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its dedication to making homeownership more affordable through ENERGY STAR and its Self-Help Housing program. Key accomplishments include:


         Developing 14 Self-Help homeownership units and two contractor-built homeownership units for very-low income households in 2011, all of which are ENERGY STAR certified.

         Lowering monthly utility costs of homeowners by approximately $50 to $70 compared to the estimated costs in comparable noncertified homes.

         Committing to build 100 percent of all new housing units to ENERGY STAR specifications, including both rental and homeownership units.

         Receiving recognition from EPA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for outstanding efforts in energy efficiency through HUDs Self-Help Housing Program (SHOP).

         Promoting its ENERGY STAR partnership on its website and placing ENERGY STAR plaques on each home so homeowners can proudly acknowledge their certified homes.

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