Magic Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc

Mercedes, Texas

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Energy Efficiency Program Delivery

Magic Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc

Magic Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc (MVEC) is part of a national alliance of consumer-owned cooperative utilities and provides electric service to customers in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas. MVEC's program provides financial and marketing incentives to builders and HERS Raters in support of ENERGY STAR certified homes. MVEC is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for efforts supporting the delivery of ENERGY STAR certified homes. Key accomplishments in 2011 include:


         Supporting the construction of more than 60 new ENERGY STAR certified homes and increasing the number of builder partners to 37, a 10-percent increase over 2010.

         Cosponsoring the 2011 Home Buyer's Fair and ENERGY STAR Workshop, including ENERGY STAR presentations and a separate class directed specifically to builders on incentives provided by MVEC's ENERGY STAR Program for New Homes.

         Presenting information about saving energy through its ENERGY STAR program at industry and consumer events, such as the Rio Grande Valley Home Show and the How Green is Our Valley Conference.

         Participating as a sponsor of the Tour of Energy Efficient Homes, a unique event featuring 10 leading local ENERGY STAR builders, who held open houses for the public to learn more about the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes.

         Developing a shared-fee marketing package for HERS Raters in trade publications to help them expand their business.

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