Sharp Electronics Corporation

Mahwah, New Jersey

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - ENERGY STAR Promotion

Sharp Electronics Corporation

Sharp Electronics is a subsidiary of Japan's Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer of one-of-a-kind home entertainment products, appliances, multifunctional office solutions, and mobile communication and information tools. Sharp has distinguished itself in 2011 for building on an exceptional track record in offering ENERGY STAR qualified products across multiple product categories. Key accomplishments include:


         Offering 30 ENERGY STAR qualified TV models featuring its unique Quattron Quad Pixel technology that enables very low power consumption.

         Receiving EPA's ENERGY STAR Most Efficient recognition for nine TV models--more than any other manufacturer.

         Expanding training efforts to include 20 courses for retailers and dealers, and incorporating ENERGY STAR information into educational materials and Roadshow presentations.

         Conducting the fourth year of Sharp's Solar Academy program, educating 2,900 students on such topics as climate change, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

         Delivering a variety of efficient product lines to consumers including ENERGY STAR qualified air conditioners, air purifiers, copiers/printers/multifunctional devices, monitors/displays, DVD players, and TVs--100 percent of Sharp's air conditioners, Blu-ray disc players, and monitors.

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