Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Energy Efficiency Program Delivery


PECO is Pennsylvania's largest utility, serving 1.6 million electric and 491,000 gas customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. PECO distinguished itself in 2011 with thorough program planning, and exemplary dedication to communicating the benefits of energy efficiency to its consumers, using ENERGY STAR as the common theme in messaging across its program portfolio. Key accomplishments include:


         Redesigning Smart Ideas, its portfolio of energy efficiency and demand response programs, to focus on ENERGY STAR qualified products--particularly specialty bulbs and new lighting technologies, along with HVAC systems, major appliances and water heaters, and consumer electronics--and promoting a select group of appliances recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient.

         Employing a full-time field staff tasked with informing retailers, contractors, and customers about its energy efficiency and demand response programs, leveraging ENERGY STAR. Field staff conducted more than 7,500 store visits, over 540 visits to HVAC contractors, and over 150 education events during 2011.

         Maintaining a dedicated 800-number hotline to assist customers with questions about the Smart Ideas programs and how to obtain discounted ENERGY STAR qualified lighting products.

         Working with retail chains and independent retailers to offer CFL recycling programs. By the end of 2011, over 50 retail locations were participating, making it easier for residents in rural and downtown urban areas to recycle CFLs.

         Helping its customers achieve electric and gas savings of more than 142,000 MWh and almost 80,000 Mcf through its 2011 programs.

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