DuctTesters, Inc.

Ripon, California

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - New Homes Rater/Provider

DuctTesters, Inc.

DuctTesters, Inc. is an energy consulting firm and leverages the ENERGY STAR New Homes program to drive clients toward higher efficiency construction. DuctTesters, Inc. is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for providing exceptional verification services for ENERGY STAR certified homes. Key accomplishments in 2011 include:


         Verifying 680 ENERGY STAR certified homes for builder clients, several of whom have committed to building 100 percent ENERGY STAR certified homes.

         Recruiting and encouraging new production builders to construct more ENERGY STAR certified homes and to adopt more energy-efficient building practices.

         Providing technical support and expertise by meeting with builders individually to discuss Version 3 changes, hosting pre-construction meetings for all new projects, and training subcontractors on elements of ENERGY STAR verification inspections.

         Educating builder sales staff about ENERGY STAR and energy efficient features and construction techniques to strengthen their ability to market energy features as a selling point.

         Secret-shopping model home sites to evaluate sales staff's presentations on energy features.

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