JCPenney Company, Inc.

Plano, Texas

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Energy Management

JCPenney Company, Inc.

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. is a $17.8 billion retailer that employs more than 150,000 associates across over 1,100 department stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. J. C. Penney is receiving Sustained Excellence recognition for its continued progress in pursuing aggressive energy efficiency goals through innovative technology upgrades and a culture of energy efficiency throughout the organization. Key 2011 accomplishments include:

         Taking strides toward achieving its energy savings goal of 20 percent by 2015 by improving its portfolio-wide average ENERGY STAR score by 2 points over 2010, for an average score of 71.

         Contributing to the success of EPA's 2011 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition by sponsoring the competition spokesperson and mentoring competitor Coal Ridge High School, ultimately helping the school achieve 23 percent energy savings in one year.

         Certifying an additional 67 stores as ENERGY STAR for a total of 280 certified stores, putting the company on track to achieve its goal of 400 stores certified by 2014.

         Increasing active participation in EMPowered, the company's year-long energy awareness program, by 81 percent over 2010, as measured by the number of logins to its Energy Center per month.

         Identifying and implementing new technologies to improve efficiency, such as installing more than 275,000 LED spotlights, piloting and installing new variable frequency drives in 131 stores, and using interval data meters to track energy consumption in 15-minute intervals as part of its Advanced Energy Management (AEM) program, which has been rolled out to 114 stores.

         Promoting ENERGY STAR by prominently displaying the logo on stores' main entrances and customer receipts, educating customers about its ENERGY STAR certified stores with announcements over the sound system, writing about energy topics in its monthly newsletter, posting energy updates on its intranet, and presenting on ENERGY STAR at events, workshops, and conferences.

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