AVR Homebuilders

Yonkers, New York

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - New Home Builder and Affordable Housing

AVR Homebuilders

AVR Homebuilders is the regional residential building division of AVR Realty. The company made a commitment in 2006 to build only ENERGY STAR certified homes. AVR Homebuilders is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its dedication to building and promoting ENERGY STAR certified homes. Key accomplishments in 2011 include:


         Building 80 new ENERGY STAR certified homes, bringing the total to 374 homes since 2006.

         Developing a multimedia, Web-based news release highlighting the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes, reaching an audience of more than 30 million through such portals as YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and AOL Video.

         Incorporating ENERGY STAR messaging into print advertising, brochures, and other displays. The company also worked with NYSERDA to implement a coordinated advertising campaign to highlight the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes.

         Ensuring that sales staff is well-trained and fully-versed on ENERGY STAR certified homes. Sales personnel are trained to conduct hard hat tours of home models and to be able to point out the benefits of ENERGY STAR certified homes throughout the building process.

         Working with its Home Energy Rater to provide technical training for construction staff and subcontractors to ensure that staff understand ENERGY STAR construction methods and quality controls.

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