Commonwealth of Kentucky

Frankfort, Kentucky

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Energy Efficiency Program Delivery

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Kentucky Housing Corporation, and KPPC--Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center are receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for their delivery of exceptional efficiency-related programming that is helping Kentucky residents, schools, businesses, agriculture, industries, and other sectors save energy. Kentucky Housing Corporation launched a statewide Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program. KPPC is a non-regulatory environmental technical assistance resource center helping businesses and organizations stay environmentally sustainable. ENERGY STAR is a key element of Governor Steve Beshear's comprehensive energy plan by creating efficient, sustainable energy solutions and strategies. Kentucky sets an example with ENERGY STAR through active public-private partnerships that help create jobs, improve the environment, and lessen our energy dependence. Key accomplishments include:


         Making strategic energy management a priority at Kentucky schools with the Kentucky Energy Efficiency Program for Schools (KEEPS). KEEPS provides assistance and partners with the School Energy Managers Project (SEMP), which results in reductions in operational costs and improved energy performance.

         Partnering with the Kentucky League of Cities and the Kentucky Association of Counties to reach out to local governments with a toolkit that highlights ways to reduce costs through energy efficiency and other green practices.

         Expanding access to building science training for Kentucky Home Performance evaluators, which helped increase the number of Building Performance Institute Building Analyst certified professionals from 10 in 2010 to more than 200 in 2011.

         Completing over 500 Home Performance installations, which represents a 66-percent conversion rate and a total homeowner investment of over $6.8 million.

         Partnering with 25 Kentucky utilities to augment HPwES marketing and consumer outreach.

         Conducting 169 onsite energy efficiency assessments through KPPC's Environmental Sustainability program, which identified more than 424,000 MMBtu in potential energy savings, with a projected annual cost savings of more than $6 million.

         Developing more than 200 online resources to guide the schools participating in KPPC's KEEPS through the seven-step ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management. Of Kentuckys 174 school districts, 123 (70 percent) are ENERGY STAR partners, the highest percentage of ENERGY STAR partner school districts of any state in the nation.

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