Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity

Nashville, Tennessee

ENERGY STAR Excellence Awards - Affordable Housing

Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity

An ENERGY STAR partner since 2006, Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity, Inc. is committed to developing and constructing homes that are as affordable as possible for low-income families. This is the second time the organization is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for providing ENERGY STAR qualified homes to low-income families in Nashville. These energy-efficient homes free up income for residents to use on other monthly necessities, providing them with greater security against falling back into the cycle of poverty.

Major accomplishments of this organization include:

         Building 42 ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

         Collectively saving homeowners nearly $100,000 annually and reducing their energy use by 46%.

         Generating greater ENERGY STAR awareness among local residents and for-profit home builders.

         Motivating for-profit builders to construct ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

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