The E Group, a Division of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.

Akron, Ohio

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Service and Product Provider

The E Group, a Division of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.

The E Group, a division of FirstEnergy Solutions Corp., is an energy consulting company that provides energy management services to governmental and multisite commercial and industrial clients across the United States and Canada. The E Group is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for helping clients to benchmark their buildings as a fundamental step in comprehensive energy management. Key accomplishments include:


         Integrating automated benchmarking functionality into the eTrends reporting tool in order to provide nearly 8,000 client buildings with regularly-updated ENERGY STAR scores. More than 3,500 of these buildings were benchmarked for the first time in 2011.

         Helping 37 client buildings earn the ENERGY STAR and over 90 buildings improve their ENERGY STAR score by at least 10 points in 2011.

         Benchmarking 100 percent of the bank branches for a Fortune 500 banking company and conducting site certification visits to help the company earn the ENERGY STAR for 50 of these facilities.

         Giving clients a "one-stop shop" advantage by featuring the ENERGY STAR program as a main attribute of their demand side management, along with carbon footprint analysis, energy efficiency audits, rebate services, and renewable energy projects.

         Raising awareness of ENERGY STAR by featuring the ENERGY STAR logo prominently on its recently updated website, supporting clients' Earth Day events by distributing ENERGY STAR materials, and speaking about ENERGY STAR and the importance of benchmarking at industry conferences and events.

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