Andersen Corporation

Bayport, Minnesota

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence - Product Brand Owner

Andersen Corporation

Andersen Corporation, a privately owned window and door manufacturer employing over 9,000 people at more than 20 locations, is known for its 109-year history of leadership in energy-efficient product designs. Andersen Corporation is receiving ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence recognition for its commitment to promoting the ENERGY STAR program and its goals nationwide. Key 2011 accomplishments include:


         Qualifying 15 additional door and window models for a total of 216 models, a 7-percent increase over the previous year.

         Achieving remarkable sales of products that have earned the ENERGY STAR, making up 91 percent of its total 2011 sales.

         Helping customers choose qualified products by distributing more than 85,000 ENERGY STAR display labels to dealers and retailers.

         Adding a feature to its product ordering software that provides information on the ENERGY STAR qualification status of each Andersen product in the order.

         Training 100 percent of new and existing Andersen employees and 80 percent of retailer and distributor employees on the importance of ENERGY STAR.

         Continuing to expand ENERGY STAR joint sales and marketing efforts, tradeshows, presentations, and exhibits for retailers and dealers, netting 927 million impressions--a remarkable 40 percent increase compared to 2010.

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