Ivey Residential, LLC

Evans, Georgia

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year - New Home Builder and Affordable Housing

Ivey Residential, LLC

Ivey Residential, LLC, a new home builder, joined ENERGY STAR in 2006. This is the second year that Ivey Residential is receiving ENERGY STAR recognition for its significant contribution to the growth of the ENERGY STAR program in Georgia, an important emerging market for ENERGY STAR new homes. Key accomplishments in 2008 include:

         Building 100% of its new homes ENERGY STAR.

         Expanding into Aiken County, SC, and introducing ENERGY STAR to this new market.

         Achieving a 5% market share for completed new homes in Columbia County, GA.

         Featuring the ENERGY STAR mark prominently on its Web site and in print advertisements, company brochures, media print stories, newsletters, and signage in front of and inside model homes to educate home buyers on the value of ENERGY STAR.

         Training all sales agents to educate home buyers on the benefits of ENERGY STAR through the use of a binder showcasing pictures illustrating the attributes of an ENERGY STAR qualified home.

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